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Th-that's not the face a medical person should have when telling someone they're a zompire.

In case you missed it this Sunday, be sure to check out the new opening pages for chapter 1! There are four new pages, and pages up to 1.14 have had some dialogue updates to work with the new opening.
A tl;dr in case you don't want to read: That one murdered lady? Instead of just discovering the body and it then turning out the husband probably did it, Roy now discovers the body being chowed on by a skow. But, since she lacks the usual signs of being killed by a skow, Roy thinks she was murdered before the skow got to her. Mr Blair says she probably wasn't.

I been forgetting to mention that the thumbnails for chapter 9 have been going up on Patreon for $5+ supporters every Wednesday for the past few weeks! Four of the six batches are already up :'D
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"Only if you fail to feed, and that shouldn't be a problem with such a snack in front of you ;))"
Posted by Glueckskeks on August 7th, 2019, 9:45 am. Reply

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