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Oh no, is that plot I hear? I hope not!
Posted by eishiya on June 29th, 2016, 3:22 pm. Reply


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By my current estimation, Mr Blair is disqualified as a Skow/werewolf because the Skows we've seen so far all had light fur as far as I recall. And his hair is very nice and soft, but not quite fluffy enough. But who knows, maybe he'll turn out to be the head Skow with soft and luxurious long black fur rather than the light fluff of the others.
Edit: wait, there was a dark-furred one, but that one wasn't very fluffy, so I stand by my point
Posted by Glueckskeks on June 29th, 2016, 3:35 pm. Reply

@Glueckskeks: Maybe fur length correlates with social class in skow society!
Posted by eishiya on June 29th, 2016, 4:17 pm. Reply

I hear a plot thickening.
Posted by H0lyhandgrenade on June 29th, 2016, 3:40 pm. Reply

They are both appropriately puppy-eyed to be were-something, I'll give them that! 8)

Posted by Oly-RRR on June 29th, 2016, 6:15 pm. Reply

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