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The Comic

Black Dram is a character-driven comic about monsters, the humans they eat, and the humans that hunt them. These three categories are not mutually exclusive.

The comic contains some violence, blood and mild gore, and occasional swearing and nudity. In other words, all the usual warnings about horror works apply here.

Black Dram updates every Wednesday, and occasionally also on Sundays.

The comic has a cozy little Discord server where you can chat with the author and other readers.

The Author

You can call me Lana! I sleep a lot and draw comics when I'm awake. Sometimes I also make games. I usually put a lot of trees into anything I make. That about sums me up! If you're interested in following me on other websites, you can find me here:

Twitter: DerpTree
Tumblr: eishiya
I also stream upcoming pages and pixel art on Twitch: eishiya

If you like throwing money at strangers on the Internet, you can support me and my work here: